Type Of Coal

High CV coal from South Africa


The global trade markets are still dominated by higher quality coal varieties like the anthracite and bituminous coals. As an experienced trading company, we address the problems associated with sourcing these – including the dwindling recoverable reserves and recurring logistical problems in established export networks.

Hence the power sector has turned the attention of an increasing number of power generators toward the prospect of using low-CV (calorific value) coals.

Low CV coal from South Africa


Low-CV (calorific value) coals like lignite and sub bituminous, accounts just under half of the world’s recoverable reserves. And South Africa, offers its rich reserves of coal for global trade. Existing boiler specifications, plant supply chains and contract terms often preclude the use of coal with CV’s much below 5,000 kcal, at least without preparation and blending.

Demand for low calorific value (low CV) coal, which is of lower quality than coal with higher energy content, is increasing in the price-sensitive key markets of India and China. Also power generators in the major import market of India have built boilers specifically designed to burn a blend of low-CV Indonesian and South African coals.

Pet Coke from India


We offer Petcoke from India and Saudi Arabia, for industries of power generation and manufacturing processes worldwide. Pet Coke made during the oil refining process, is a highly stable, solid fuel made of a complex mixture of mostly elemental carbon with inorganic and organic compounds. Global trading and inland transportation of Pet Coke ihas been safely transported by ocean freight, barges, rail and truck. Port and trading policies are considerably friendly when compared to high cv coal as pet coke is not considered hazardous and it has a low potential to adversely affect human health.

US high Sulphur Coal


We keep a check on the global coal market trend, that how we supply the the US high sulphur coal that fills the India’s petcoke supply gap. The US coals vary with high, medium and low sulphur values; and are majorly exported from North America and South America esp from Illinois, Indiana and kentucky.

Some global end-users are likely to turn to the very high-sulphur Illinois Basin coals to take advantage of their lower prices and greater supply than petroleum coke.

Russian High CV coal


The high cv coal from Russia is widely used for the needs of electrical generating plants, public utilities and amenities across the globe. The cv level is much higher than Indonesian and South African coals. Consumers and traders are witnessing a rush recently to buy coal with highest calorific value possible because record freight rates make it uneconomic.

Indonesian High/ Low CV coal


Indonesia has an abundance of coal and is strategically better positioned with regards to major coal consumer and trader markets. The varieties of coal with high, medium and low cv values are always in demand due to easy trading routes, hence becoming economical for the industries its serves. We trade with qualified counter-parties and fellow members of the exchange.